Visualizing Your Experience

Muhammad Farhal
3 min readOct 16, 2020


Mobile photography or you can say taking snaps of nature, animals and solo portraits are the only things for which I used my cell phone. While driving, making snaps although it’s not good or it might cause an accident but I still sometimes make snaps. More than that, taking pictures of clouds, flowers, buildings and much more things like these is my hobby while having a cellphone with me.

At the start I used an iPhone 7 plus which is great at taking portraits, then adding the effects, colors and little bit of editing I put them or share them with my friends. Even I used to write quotes, shair and sayings that best fit the picture on it and post it on Instagram and WhatsApp status.

So after a great journey at Amal Academy I was again given the task to refrain my photography skills over the object that I made in the first week of Amal Academy. The object portrays the AMAL VALUES that teaches me the importance of honesty, responsibility, humility, acceptance and growth.

Above are the few images that I took from different angles. It illustrates the values that we can implement in our daily life. It took a whole day to set the angle for good pictures.

So now let’s talk about the start of my journey at AMAL ACADEMY. The start was with an ice breaking activity at an online zoom session which brings out confident and built good communication with other fellows. I remember one of the courses at the start was about teamwork. Teamwork is great and it teaches us unity and brotherhood. Even we can take examples from our past and heroes that become united for fighting against evil. I also came to know about my future goals which are not clear and after getting some feedback I got them cleared. There also happened group tasks that allowed us to get interacted with each other with more broader vision.

Although my feelings are not good for ending the journey at AMAL ACADEMY as this journey holds memories. Memories are the only thing that one can never forget for his entire life. Life at AMAL was a good experience even now I can say myself perfectly bilingual. I have gained enough confidence to face the audience, opponents and the crowd where I am presenting myself.

There are things that we learn from our daily life. There are lessons we learn from our past actions. In a nutshell I observe that we should take a step towards learning things other than our course work, apart from studies and field of work. I learned to manage content from writing blogs. This is my first reward that I got. If one has free time one can utilize it for learning it in a productive way and also enjoying the activities at the same time.

Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination. ~Drake