Collection Of Solid Waste By Separating It To Different Type Of Goods And Transport It To Organizations That Can Best Utilize It.

Muhammad Farhal
4 min readAug 14, 2020


While catering different problems and issues of daily routine its very hard to optimize a problem or solve an issue. I myself felt very tired and it might be difficult too when i thought about the social work that could be transformed to an entrepreneurial idea of generating business. The main reason of this thoughts and mind diversion is the seriousness of society and nation towards the cleaning of environment that serves the natural habitats.

The problem that i look into and wanted to address here is the cleaning of city and collection of solid waste by separating it to different types of goods that could be plastic, metal, glass and paper. The Process starts with setting up of separate dustbins, at every corner of the area. Initially will be starting from my own residential area. Further through my team which is basically consisting my friends who want to took part in it which are motivated towards cleaning and wanted to took part in serving the nation as a single body, with their help I could transport the waste to organization or company that could best use it. It would be given on exchange of service or money. Money generated by this would be further utilize for the setting of more dustbins in the further area and so on and distribute some amount to the team members for their motivation of work. Its very great idea of distribution of money as they will be motivated towards work and will follow the instructions with proper acknowledgement. The team can also be of young boys that today are unemployed and we can see them at dump station who are less educated. They will be glad to have this opportunity and this will surely provide them easy earning.

The idea is further explained in the following words and described with the help of images that illustrates the problem.

The above picture shows the ratio of waste separation in Karachi. From the past and recent events, the lack of responsibility from the solid waste management Karachi has created a number of problems for the citizens, and environmental pollution, diseases and sewer blockage topped the table.

With the entrepreneurial approach to solve this problem, an idea has popped up and its procedural diagram is shown below:

The idea is to put a set of 4 dustbins to collect plastic, paper, metal and glass waste respectively. After this waste separation, the waste will be transferred to either the NGO, or a company which can recycle the waste and make something useful from it. Hence, the pollution will be minimized and a huge amount of solid waste will become useful eventually.

Above is the picture showing different types of solid waste collecting dustbins.

Firstly, a team of volunteers from local community will be taken on board. As it is just the beginning, we will cover the area block-wise. Contacting NGOs and companies is mandatory to make this solution fruitful. The volunteers will be assigned different duties. Apart from volunteers, people who are underprivileged and spend most of their time at dumpsites will have a chance to get a systematic work.

As this work is very much costly when look on a large scale so i would be using low cost transportation at start as this would be treated by my self and friends.

The revenue stream will be generated by sending units of solid waste of glass, paper, plastic and metal depending on their weights. The profit earned will be used for awareness programs about this start-up and to motivate the team. Similarly, those underprivileged will also get proper earning. With time, we will increase our scale of work from area to area and this will create a smooth flow towards a clean and healthy Pakistan.

So I hope you got my idea of collecting and recycling of solid waste that will not only make the city green but also create awareness to youngsters of serving the city as well as nation. It is said,

All The Good Work Is Done The Way The Ants Do Things: Little By Little. (Lafcadio Hearn)

Overall experience in the conduct of this problem and discussion with my friends and peers were over whelming. I even discussed it with two of my university professors who is currently working on projects related to IOT and from past year started his tech startup named LinkGiz Inc. This startup is also concerned about the solid waste management and recycling the litter to a useful product.